Monday, January 15, 2007

Diigo wrote this post

We Revise Together: Blogging on Writer Response Theory at WRT: Writer Response Theory

  • Here is the essay WRT wrote for the recontruction issue.  Our foci were collaboration and taking full advantage of the networked process.

     - post by markcmarino

So Diigo can be used to take your annotations and turn them into a blog post.  Muy cool.


harvey molloy said...

This is a fascinating blog. As a teacher, I'm interested in how the blog could replace the more essay as a mode of argumentation that directly employs links and has an audience beyond that of the instructor/professor. (I've written on this at alt.x press). "Writer response theory" is a good handle for how reading/writing are bundled together online--comments, for instance.

Coach Marino said...

Harvey, glad to hear of your interest. This blog is primarily my testing grounds for me to make sure I know all of what blogger can do while I am teaching the computer-based writing course around blogs. Can you post the citation and link to your article?