Monday, January 22, 2007

Social bookmarking

Here is another test post using Diigo to comment on an article about social bookmarking. It is meta-meta-meta.

Ugh, don't forget to break the links on these paragraphs. Trouble with the text editor.

You can see how you still need to add a considerable mount of text to weave these fragments together.

Social Bookmarking Tools (I): A General Review

My initial comment

  • An extensive introduction to social bookmarking
    - post by markcmarino

As in traditional essay writing, I have to go in and provide transitions.

My highlighted commetns with sticky tabs...

rich, social networking opportunities
  • how rich are these opportunities? how do they compare with opportunities in traditional academica?
    - post by markcmarino

  • An important term, meaning a taxonomy created from the ground up.

    - post by markcmarino

Then, I might extend my commentary here.
[You may have to go back in and edit the format, cutting out extra skipped lines, as I have here.]

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