Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Social Bookmarking Comparison

One of the most challenging aspects of social bookmarking is trying to keep all the software straight.  A comparative article would help.  Here's one.

Social Bookmarking: Comparing and Contrasting del.icio.us, CiteULike, and H2O ( Clancy Ratliff CultureCat 1 November 2005)

  • This article compares delicious citeulike and h2o playlists. 

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A colleague of mine emailed me yesterday asking me to explain my impression of the differences among del.icio.us, CiteULike, and H2O Playlists.

  • This section of the article offers a review.

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The funny, the weird, the academic, the provocative, the artistic -- everything on the web.

  • Are these goals of social bookmarking: to be provocative?

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..a 30,000 calorie, 7-pound sandwich. Plus, some people have fun with the tag names, whereas on Ci

  • Yes, internet oddities are the goal of Web 2.0.

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